An Artist's Life

By MariB

Baby Robin

Sorry for the blurry pic, but I didn't want to get any closer and interrupt this spring/summer ritual: The Fledging of the Last Baby. This little guy has been coaxed out of the nest by mom & pop robin...they dangle lovely morsels in front of it and coax it from the safety of this Italian cypress next to my house. They snatched the worm away several times and he went out on this limb....then down to another...teetery and timidly. Off balance much of the time, he fidgeted and fussed. Then he settled here for the longest time. Cat and dog were kept inside in case of the inevitable plop onto the patio. Parents continued to call and flit about. disappeared! We looked all over in case it needed rescuing, but it was gone. Good luck, little man!

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