A world of chance

By PrebuiltDave

Kiss me you fool!

First off can i say i got this idea from a family member but damn her i love it!

There so cute! And yes before you are i am available for hand modeling!

When i saw my family doing this i instantly fell in love with it!

It's so easy to do to!

Can i also say that yesterday my total Blipfoto views reached....10000! So thank you all so much! (Thanks mum for always looking)

I love all the feedback and lovely comments!

My mum and dad treated Ali and i to the cinema and a meal last night which was incredible! We saw Prometheus which is the kind of Alien prequel but not quite!

The film was very good but did indeed leave you wanting a lot more answers!
I think Mr Scott will have a second film in his little mind!

Before i end i would love to say that my fingers are now a tad stained with these characters as i have used a permanent pen! DOH!

Everyone have a great day and keep taking amazing photos!

Keep on truckin'

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