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Bowood 2015 #25 (Tuesday 19th May 2015)

I had my closest encounter with hares yet at the end of this visit to Bowood House, Grounds and Lake, still getting to know the new superzoom camera.

After a cappuccino consumed as I sat in their Spring Garden I wandered down to the Lake to keep an eye on the wildlife while reading an old Mojo. There were several great crested grebes close to where I was sitting and the Extra picture shows one taken at full zoom which, when posted to Flickr was chosen for Explore and has had over 7,000 views.

When I got back to the field car park, by now almost empty, I saw a distant pair of hares on the other side of the field. I noticed they hadn't been disturbed when a vehicle returning from a paddock had passed behind them on a rough track. I drove up to the paddock to first look at a pony grazing there, and then used the same route to pass the hares.

I stopped before I got too close and photographed them through the open car window. Although they were aware of my presence, they were sufficiently unconcerned not to move away and I was excited to get a number of shots, including this one of the pair of them.

29.5.2015 (1545hr)

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