Flower Friday .....

....... comes round yet again.

If you haven't already done so please tag any entries ....  FlowerFriday29 .... BikerBear Hearts and Honourable Mentions will be sprinkled on Sunday (hopefully).  Thank you in advance and thank you to everyone who has already posted.

I seem to be running 24 hours behind all this week with posting my journal entries - I will wait until this evening to post Saturday's blip and then I should be all caught up.

My FF29 blip is a HUGE allium that came from my Mum's garden - it's over 5" (12.5cms) across and, when you look closely, very intricate.  I love the little soft-looking green "cushions" in the centres of each floret.

Large, on the black background, is definitely the way to go with this!

Aside from a slight sharpen this is straight from the camera - Nikon D5200, tripod, 18-105mm lens with the trusty +10 close-up lens screwed on and natural evening sunlight in the sitting room.

I think this also qualifies for WalkingWombat's maymacromayhem too.
Thanks WW for hosting this fabulous challenge all month - on Sunday (the last day) I am going to try and find something non-flowery!!  :-))

Thank you for all your wonderful comments and stars on my aerial shots .... just wish I had a microlight and I could take more of them.

Another busy day catching up on all the things I have neglected at home during this busy week ..... see y'all later.

~ Anni ~

Smile of the Day

A man with two left feet walks into a shoe shop and asks the assistant
 " Have you got any flip-flips? "

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