I have only been outside for a walk, and to discuss matters plumbing.

The problems with roots invading the pipes and causing sewage to back up are, at last, almost resolved, though I suspect we should just go the whole hog and have the pipes replaced.

I took this when out walking.
The wattle is looking lovely at the moment, scattered among the dull greys and greens of the Australian bush.

Now sitting snug and warm in front of the fire, with half an eye on 'Who Do You Think You Are', watching Jeremy Irons get emotional and excited to find that he does, after all, have some Irish ancestry.

I think many go on this program just in the hope of finding Irish roots.

I'm reminded that fifty years ago most Australians would be far too embarrassed to admit they had convict heritage, but now it's considered a badge of honour.

Blackheathens might care to check out photos from last night here.

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