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Bowood 2015 #26: Rhododendron Gdns (Thur 21st May)

The Rhododendron Walks season is short, and in fact they will be closing the doors on June 7th, and I heard that the woodland garden was at its peak. I'd visited when it opened at the end of April when all the flowering was incomplete, so the purpose of this visit was to record the rhododendrons and azaleas in their finery.

I took the signed Walk Of The Week, designed to show off the best of the gardens at that time, largely along Lord Lansdowne's Ride, but I extended it at the North End to walk some of the lesser paths and emerge at the fine Robert Adams mausoleum from a different angle. From the walk I created an album of 48 pictures.

There is a view towards Calne from the mausoleum and I took a series of four pictures on the P900, the first at its widest angle of 24 mm which shows a border of flowers and the just visible church tower of St Mary's; and the last at full 2000 mm zoom, dramatically singling out the church (These are in the album).

Of course, the gardens also have places to sit, contemplate and read, and I found a quiet, shaded area to sit for half an hour before I left, listening to warblers and thrushes.

31.5.2015 (1238hr)

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