My collection of WI badges spans my years as a member of the Women's Institute. They show how the WI has changed its logo over the years. The old design badge is in fact a Canadian WI badge. The blue one is the Surrey WI badge. The white one depicts a former Denman College logo (Denman is the WI college). The little silver brooch depicts the much loved, now discontinued, tree logo. Now there is available a very stylish silver badge but it is rather expensive and I haven't treated myself.
I wish now that I had because on Tuesday I will be one of the 8000 WI members attending a Garden Party at Buckingham Palace and it would have been good to wear it. Today I have been getting my outfit together and making arrangements where to meet my sister and cousin who will be coming from Bristol and Exeter. The weather forecast isn't very good!
Sadly we cannot take photographs at the party, so I will not be able to share it with you visually.

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