Journey Through Time

By Sue

Burger Joint

We were advised that really good hamburgers and onion rings could be had at the Prairie Bar and Grill, a local watering hole for the denizens of Brush Prairie and beyond.  Typical Roadhouse kind of place, I guess.  Later a band would play for dancing, and you could play pool at the pool tables, or enjoy the food.  These were pretty good burgers and they had an interesting menu that went beyond a local tavern and more into the realm of 'gourmet" fare...believe it or not.  We chose to go the burger route and this was a nice treat after our two day garage sale.  My aunt and our son came over in the afternoon and it was fun.  The neighbors next door had a big moving sale, so I found a few things I wanted (a nice floor lamp for $10!  Whoo Hoo!) and so did my aunt.  A good time was had by all, and we made over $400!  Double Whoo Hoo!

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