Wildlife Sunday

"In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous."
~ Aristotle

When Randy woke up this morning he said the temperature was 38F/3C.
This is supposed to be the end of Spring, going into Summer...right?
Hopefully, as we leave the last day of May behind, June will welcome us with hot temperatures that I can complain about....it'stoohot!

Though cold & windy we decided to drive out to our favorite wildlife place, Fermilab. The sky was absolutely beautiful and every direction I looked had a different formation of clouds and coloring. Not knowing what to expect or who might be there we weren't disappointed. We saw some White Egrets and a beautiful Blue Heron sitting on a large stone, having a lovely, restful Sunday. I had to laugh at the goslings we saw pulling up & chewing the grass. A few were quite lazy, not bothering to even stand up, instead laying in the grass to nibble away. As we drove around to find the buffalo, the herd was on the other side from where they usually are and as we approached them from across the street, they took off running farther into the field. Normally, they let us get within 5 feet from them so I wondered if they were protecting calves. Sure enough, when we got back home I did some searching and found two calves were born May 2. 
Randy spotted this bird as we came around one of the lakes. I am embarrassed to admit I have no idea what he is. I've checked out every water bird I could find but with no luck on one which looked like him with his orange face. I thought some type of Heron but his feet look different. When he flapped his wings he was huge. 

If you'd like to see a bit more from Fermilab, please click here.

* After posting my entry, I went to look again on water birds and came up with this might be a Double Crested Cormorant.
If it is, I'm WAY excited!!

Thanks for visiting  :o)
Until tomorrow...

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