I was going to get a shot of a particularly nice large print of pins with pearl heads that is on the wall at the shopping centre in the alterations shop for my blip today, but it wasn't meant to be!

Didn't get going until late this arvo again as I've been having another lazy day. As I headed upstairs at the centre to get my shot a terribly loud alarm started going off and announcements started blaring that it was an emergency and to make haste to an exit, which I did!!! Although it crossed my mind to just keep going a bit further to take the shot I wanted before I headed for the exit but the sensible part of me didn't think that was wise!!

As everyone gathered in the car parks and police and fire engines were arriving all around us the rumour spreading was that there was a bomb - I quickly decided I should just get out of there and head home!

We live across the road from the centre and we can see everything from the front windows so I kept a lookout for quite a while with all sorts of things going through my head! After scouring the internet for news it eventually turned out to be a hoax and of course everyone was so relieved!

Things quickly went back to normal, all the emergency services left the scene, the roads cleared and then the crowds that had gathered melted away into the dark. The shopping centre didn't reopen as it was late by then and so my thoughts turned back to my MonoMonday blip......

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