There has been rain, almost all day. I have dodged the drops a bit, doing odd jobs but have mostly been indoors wrapping up presents. Christmas presents. (I know, I know but we are off to England soon and I prefer to deliver them myself, not really trusting the post office.) The nice long walk never happened - I am a rain-wimp.

I enjoy having days off and this has been no exception. The sun came out and really illuminated this corner of the garden. I took 2 pictures, both nice but not very honestly representative of the day. So here I am, posting a rather dismal image of a very damp garden - with added lashings of rain.

Sweden is experiencing the coldest May since 1962, and many places have had the wettest for over 200 years. Our two weeks in England meant we missed most of the torrential rain here, but today was practically monsoon...

Next to the little yellow cabin the rhubarb is thriving, we have pulled quite a lot already. More grows behind the cabin, and yet more inthe forest where we chucked some years ago. It likes it here obviously! There is an Elderflower growing down there too, I make cordial from the blossoms. There used to be 2 old apple trees, now there is just the one. Recently pruned to within and inch of its life by visitors from Torshälla. They seemed very competent, so we await a gorgeous harvest... The tree after that one is a plum tree that mostly looks gorgeous when it blooms, and produces only a few indifferent fruits.

The triangular structure on the left houses our sea kayaks and the garden furniture during the winter. I have high hopes that I will actually sit in my boat this summer, and paddle somewhere other than the local lake. If we finally pass the lovely sinking/floating Lotta on to new owners there's more time for kayaking!

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