By ChrisGroucutt


Today's MonoMonday is 'Sharp', and of course as a musician I am behooved to provide a musical sharp. Seven of 'em to be exact.

C# major is a helluva key to play around with. It's not unpleasant in the fingers, in fact I've always found it falls nice in the hand on piano, but it's unpleasant in the brain. Which is why the caterpillar in the blip looks so worried.

It gets even more worrying when you have (as my extra blip shows), accidentals to contend with.. leading to numerous double sharps, and having to natural sharp them back again (♮#). Yuck.

Still - it could be worse. It could be A# minor.

Don't get me started.

With super thanks to JDO for hosting the MonoMonday challenge!


P.S. Brownie points for anyone who knows what this piece is :)

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