The Poss

By PossMan


A pretty dull and wet day. This morning went down to the bank to play the annual "musical accounts" shambles. This is the not-so-funny game where the banks having lured you into a savings account at a so-called reasonable rate suddenly after a year remind you that most of the interest was a "bonus" and the real rate is less than 0.5%. So off I went to close a couple of accounts and whoopee doo they suddenly offered to upgrade to a higher rate. Again there's a 1 year bonus so next year the whole circus comes round again. Perhaps they're hoping I'll have dementia by then. Can't help thinking this whole set-up must be counter-productive for the banks as ordinary savers must get really annoyed. I did take a snap of the bank to go along with this story but in the afternoon went to the Black Isle where two cruise ships were visiting Invergordon. By the time I got there the Netherlands flagged Eurodam was dominant in the port but Azamara Journey was making a fast exit past Nigg. Not sure whether she cut her stay short or this was intended. The picture shows the diving support vessel Orelia. Whilst the cruise ships must be very welcome to the port's economy we shouldn't forget the rigs and other humbler vessels that support the town's industrial activities.

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