I made myself a cup of coffee & then decided to bundle up & pull up a chair in the back yard, set up the camera, & take some shots of all the action going on at my next-door neighbor's bird feeder! The sparrows were in top form----trying to nudge one another off the perches to get a turn at the birdseed, & I got a few really funny captures. The red-winged blackbird made an appearance, & then I saw a flash of color, & there was my female cardinal on the ground under the feeder.  She stayed there for a minute or so, then flew up into the tree. I got a few shots that were closer, but I loved this one of her surrounded by the greenery! I put a few of the others in the extras today--the one of her flying isn't the greatest, but I've never gotten one in flight, & I liked her shadow showing on the storage container.
 It's sunny & looks so beautiful outside, but we're still on the cool side--haven't quite reached 50 degrees! :)

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