#Lucky, happy & loved :)

By J4net


Dentist appointment this morning was delayed, previous patient had a 40 minute long problem (sooooo glad that wasn't me)! My teeth were squeaky clean lol
Ended up playing with my phone (as you do) and found the macro equivalent in the camera settings; I didn't want to catch any other patients in the pic so took one of my bag.
Can you guess the make??
Tried to do some weeding of our front postage stamp garden but got drenched and gave up after an hour.
Went for a walk instead, didn't get wet because I wore my waterproofs Tee! Hee!
Was talking with my neighbour (Farmer John), he was moving some cattle (not the Highlanders), they're out into the fields late 'cos the grass hasn't grown enough yet, need a bit of heat - it's a balmy 10 degrees celsius here today.
I'm tagging this blip as POTW just for a laugh (tongue in cheek).
Back to work tomorrow.....

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