ant hill

This morning we awoke to a world of brilliant sunshine and decided to get a walk in before breakfast. Otherwise we might miss it - like yesterday.

The torrential rain had dried up completely, the long grass was dry after a warm and windy night - amazing really. So we walked on the roads into the forest, and found some massive ant hills. They are always on the southerly side of any open ground so they get the most sun/heat. This one was impressivly tall and my investigator reported that there were thousands of very very active ants going about their business.

The rest of my day has been spent weeding strawberry patches and sorting them out. We made the mistake of givingthem masses of grass cuttings last year. Excellent nourishment - for the leaves. We got almost NO strawberries and were about to rip them all out and start with new plants. Then I heard a gardening programme on the radio and discovered our mistake!! The plants look fabulously healthy now, so I hope they produce more fruit too.

And now I'm parked on the sofa, feeling like I might not ever leave the soft cushioned world of this cosy settee. Nice!

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