Birthdays and Guest Harbour

JanHar was 60 today - amazing thought really! I spent the day at home with her and we had a good day.
Later in the day we were out with some friends, eating dinner in the restaurant at the swimming pool. From our table we looked out down the southern sound. The weather was as it has been the last few days, sunny with dark clouds and heavy downpours. As an extra today we had both thunder and rainbows.
The flag in the picture shows this is the “Guest Harbour” section of the jetties so this rather sleek looking boat moored here is a visitor. The boat is tucked in behind the jetty because the wind is blasting up the sound, probably coming from that dark cloud behind those trees.
After dinner here we retreated to RE’s house and ate scones and biscuits baked earlier in the day by JanHar.
All-in-all a very nice day!

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