natural habitat

A Jan, a mature specimen, in her natural habitat. Wearing the birthday headgear. Taken on a walk around noon. I intended to sit onthe stump -it looked so like a stool. But it was , as usual, covered in resin so I refrained from getting it all over my trousers... as so many times before.

The rest of the day I spent digging, clearning, carting barrowloads of unwanted lupins and other detritus off the garden. It is looking quite spruced up now, with a lot of plants breathing more easily without their pushy neighbours taking their space.

It rained now and then, just enough to call off play, take my boots off and sit down. Then the sun came back, and I went out again. Very much more like spring than summer, but pretty pleasant anyhow - I am thinking of all the workers, indoors on glorious refreshing days! (that's me tomorrow)

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