By EmmySusanne

Istanbulu dinliyorum..

Day 1 of our incredible holiday in Istanbul.. When I left Turkey in the late 90s after spending my childhood and youth there with my military dad, I didn't expect that it would take me until 2015 to return, but I finally did, visiting my dad who by chance got stationed there again..  had the best time possible, being spoilt by my dad and step-mum, both of whom I hadn't seen for years - showing Johnny the sights, eating delicious food and immersing myself in the culture that I so missed and love.. discovered that I still speak great Turkish.. discovered that despite all the change in the country, I still feel at home and the people and the atmosphere haven't changed much at all.. I am immensely looking forward to our next visit!

This was our first day of sightseeing, my favourite mosque, Yeni Camii - it was surrounded by an animal market in the early 90s, which I was crazy about as a child, quite pleased about the fact that health and safety and a wish to enter the EU have replaced a market where you could buy any animal possible out of tiny cages by a market that sells mostly aquarium supplies! 

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