fabric inspiration box

A fabric inspiration box I pulled into my studio from the garage for my 100 Day Project. I am continuing with this project, although not every day. Seems like a familiar theme for me! 

I have been taking photos most every day but have not been here to upload them. I've got a good number of projects going on besides blip . . .
 ICAD - index card a day (art or writing), The Happiness Jar -daily gratitude, The 100 day project (mine is fabric) and most are done daily. I also try to do a weekly art journal project, The Documented Life Project (DLP2015). I'm including the links in case you are interested in any of those projects. 

I worked on the DLP project today but it's not finished. I'm a couple of prompts behind & trying my best to be fine with that!  Besides working on these creative projects . . . this week I dove in and changed the template of my website. So much work to do this yourself!! The previous template had problems displaying on a smartphone, so I switched it to a different template, which works! The whole design is so much better now, I am very happy! I am trying to create a central hub for my art and photography on my website... you can see it here. Of course I still have more work to do, things to add, but it is looking pretty good now. 

There are only so many hours in the day and so, I cave in and go to sleep! The ICAD project lasts only 2 months, June & July. I am also just about half-way through The 100 day project. I anticipate that I will not be here on blip every day anymore, perhaps just come in and catch up with a couple of days of journal entries. But I will continue, that is my motto now! I am continuing my projects at my own pace so I can do what I need and want creatively. I will come visit your journals soon! Thanks for coming round to visit me, it is appreciated.

Oh! The extra photo shares one of my 100 days of fabric peices made from some of the fabric in his inspiration box.

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