Playing with my new toy!

We were orienteering at Colton Village today, the second day of the 'Fat Rascal' orienteering event.  It was a well planned course and I enjoyed my run.  However, the highlight of the orienteering weekend has been my surprise present from Lawrie!  We haven't seen Lawrie and H1 for too long due to commitments and injuries so it was lovely when they appeared in the carpark next to us at yesterday's event.  But then I was presented with a mini holdall which contained a large and very solid lens for my Canon!  Apparently it is stuck on auto so it has been replaced.  It is great fun and I set up my tripod outside the back door this afternoon to see what it would do.  I took lots of close up bird blips but Tony and I agree that I should upload my very first blip with the new lens, captured as I panned it up in to the tree and startled this squirrel descending from the feeders!
Thank you Lawrie!

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