Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Journey's End

A journey home, when home is Dunoon, tends to end in a boat ride. Today, unusually, we were on the passenger ferry the Argyll Flyer, seen here at the pier where the 'proper' ferries used to call. On this occasion we were able to take the bus into Glasgow from the airport and the train to Gourock fairly confident that the ferry would be running; had we travelled yesterday - when it was windy and wet - it might have been a very different matter. I don't know if the Argyll Ferries were running, but they have a tendency to go off at the first whisper of a zephyr, which makes a journey like today's very tiresome indeed.

In fact it was a stunningly lovely evening. It was also stunningly chilly as we walked up the road - several degrees colder than London when we left in the afternoon. When will it be summer?

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