My Year in Pictures

By jenny

How to ...

... blip on a rainy day when nothing indoors takes your fancy.

1. Put slippers on.
2. Grab golf brolly at back door.
3. Endeavour to put brolly up one handed as you're holding camera in other hand.
4. Tuck lens cap into waistband of tracksuit bottoms as you've no pockets.
5. Look around garden very quickly to establish where the biggest droplets are.
6. Fight the lashing rain and strong winds to hanging basket full of pansies.
7. Try and tuck brolly under arm, over shoulder and still keep camera dry as you now need the hand that was holding it to manually focus. Also make mental note to self to make sure to have a lens on that can autofocus the next time you attempt this.
8. Realise that manually focusing on a droplet on a pansy, in a hanging basket in the wind, with no tripod, whilst trying to keep hold of the brolly is rather impossible.
9. Also realise that sheltering under a bright yellow brolly is going to make your lovely pink pansy rather yellow.
10. Press shutter several times and hope for the best.
11. Come back indoors (to a dog that hasn't moved whilst you've been out as he realises going out in this weather really isn't a good plan).
12. Upload.
13. Say hurrah when you realise one has got some droplets in focus.
14. Upload to blip.
15. Carry on with your day.

Simples ;-)

Forgot to say - was completely blown away to see last night this blip of mine had made it to the shortlist of the UK Athletics competition - the first one I've entered! The 10 shortlists can be seen here with the link to the Facebook page for voting. If you like mine and would like to vote for it the direct link is here. Thank you!

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