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By cleanslate

Lego city

I find the only way to get through 'school holiday' days is to begin with a list. Everyone is allowed input to the list and that way there can be no moaning at the hoovering when we pay just as much attention to the park. It's a theory. It doesn't really work, but it keeps me somewhere bordering on sane. In compiling the list this morning, 'Play Lego City' was added. I didn't give it much thought, but when it came around, it turned out it had rules. But the rules had to be written on paper, secretly, and then my behaviour was judged against them. Every time I tried to sneak a peek, I was admonished and it was only much later that I caught a glimpse and was so entertained I snuck a pic!

I 'think' it reads:
Not hurting
No fighting (or possibly farting!)
Obeying the law
Not grumbling
Being good

I think I could get used to living in Lego City :-)

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