Chunky Chops

Here is Jessica this evening. She is soooo built like our wee Johnny. The way she looks, walks, runs!!!

Did I tell you Granny and Papa are only 5 mins away now???? LOL this afternoon I dropped the girls at theirs before going to the school. I let Megan walk to Granny's with her friends and they all had their tea there.....meanwhile I collected Johnny, Duncan and Lachlan to our house for a they were all very well behaved but.....OMG boys are just so boisterious, aren't they??? Girls v Boys....mmmmm I think girls win!!

They had a great time though and Johnny never even noticed that his 3 sisters were missing. I then dropped the boys at footie and 5 and went to collect the girls from Granny's!!

I have been very consistent with blip recently but feeling a little bored but I think that may have something to do with it being near the end of term for us and in 14 sleeps we will be heading to the airport around 3am in the morning on our way to our very long and overdue family beach excited but you may all get a little bored with my excitement shortly!! lol.

Nighty night


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