Daily Wild

By emyjane

Before the Storm

I found some common vetch and buttercup in a hedgerow close to where I live - I utterly love all vetch!  I've tried unsuccessfully to grow them in my own hedgerows and wildflower plot, if they're not naturally growing there, for some sad reason, they won't naturalise if you put it in yourself, I have tried bought seeds, collected seeds from the hedgerows and plug plants... I don't know what else to do!  So for now I'll have to enjoy when I see it out of my garden - I guess you simply can't have everything! ;)

We didn't get any thunder, I feel let down!  Just torrential downpours and it's been raining ever since sadly - I hope it's dry tomorrow, as I want to enjoy my garden again!  And forever dream of having vetch... xxx

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