View to a clear(ish) Ben Wyvis from Istiane ara of the Black Isle... again. It's been shrouded in cloud on most mornings and evenings for ages. Still plenty snow up there, but not for much longer if today's warm to hot temperatures stay a while. Those wave like, or lined, clouds were about for most of the day.

Left work about half past six this evening and it felt very warm. Especially in the sun. Didn't help with the tiredness and lethargy on the cycle home. Could have done with it being cooler! I wouldn't survive in the warmer South.

A pair of Oystercatchers have nested on a flat roof that's visible from my work window. The chicks hatched a few days ago, and there have been two of them running about. With so many Herring Gulls also nesting on the adjacent roofs, and a nearby pair of crows, their chances of survival are slim. Indeed there were probably three or four eggs laid, so some may have already been predated. The parents have been attempting to chase off near everything that comes close. Unfortunately in all this dashing about, one of them appeared to become confused as to the identity of one of their own chicks. The poor wee thing was attacked. Repeatedly. I was watching when the inevitable happened, and the chick ran clean off the roof - of a two storey building – and onto the concrete below. I had something to take over to a nearby dept, so went to see the outcome.

It was still alive, but didn't look well at all. Really cute, with soft downy feathers, and big feet. Picked it up and took to the Estates Dept. - they'd had a few gull chicks already this year, and pass them on to the SSPCA. We put it in a wee box and left it in peace. Will find out tomorrow if it survived.

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