Back to very hot temperatures here in Nevada. The roses  dried like paper, most of them past their prime.
The flight home was easy, the sweltering heat and the traffic from San Francisco to Reno was unbelievable. 4 hours of stop and go for 120 miles...

Thank you all for your kind following and all your well wishes.
I will try to live a healthier  life and started yesterday with the decision, not to drink tap water or bottled water in plastic bottles. Had to do some convincing work but the internet shows how bad all these plastic bottles are for the human body, for animals in the oceans and the environment. So it is worth the  effort
As for tap water, unless you have your own well, our water is full of things that are invisible and , as  I now learned , not healthy for women. So much of what is given to cows (estrogen), antibiotics and other things, cannot be filtered out of the water and does not appear in the analysis of our water suppliers. Even if it is clean at the well, it isn't any more after 1000 of miles of traveling to our faucet.
Not to talk about dairy products that I will miss badly.

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