Sunday Silence @ Solling

On a beautiful sunday - if you want to move outside and walk- you have to find creative solutions. At the seaside a crowded beach does not form a special attraction, unless you are addicted to mass behaviour. In our spacious rivertown surroundings there is a similar situation. People like to concentrate on favorite spots, roads and sidewalks. Some attractive for the mouth&stomac, others in the interest of the eye. To avoid the noisy trafic there, it seems best to enjoy your garden or an unknown shadowy corner in a nearby park. But the idea had been to go for a walk…a simple but substantial walk.

So, first we relaxed, put aside our activistic intentions with sighs, pretexts and other delay tactics. Such as hanging out some laundry, cleaning up this or that or reading some serious text. Finally, as the day shortens inevitably, you still have to make that postponed choice where to go for that late afternoon walk. The Forest! Most roads and tracks being cool and shadowy. And a very small chance of meeting groups of walkers who would disturb the silence and interrupt the bird singing.

And so we went, when the sun started lowering between the treetops. Avoiding the crowds that had returned home already. Looking for the deer that would show up on a later hour. How could you ever find some fine vision in a green mass of trees and bushes? And you see, thats where and when it hapened. As we were sitting on a bench. While asking ourselves, what to do? Clim up the foresttrack East, climb up West or return same way.
Hey, look, this vibrant warm light low between those tall trees over there. Those glimpses enlightening the sonore greens. Just that eternal moment...

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