What Would Shakespeare Make of This?

Back to work with a bump. How can that many e-mails arrive in just 5 days? Never mind, we both got online early to slash through the inevitable backlog. I (Chris) was on an early train and actually had the best part of an hour before more than the odd sole joined me in the office, very productive time.

Lots of great clouds about as I left the office. Not wanting to wander too far I went to the Shakespeare Tower in Barbican, I don't think I've tried a photo of this one before individually. Whilst they might all look the same (and they certainly have common design  themes), each tower in Barbican is quite a different design, something you only appreciate I think by spending a bit of time looking at them.

After a quick dinner and a bit of settling time, we both went to the gym this evening for a good swim. How good did that feel? Great actually.

I've just reloaded the image as a mono shot as Rainie kindly pointed out it would work well as part of Mono Monday challenge "angles", original colour version in the extras!!

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