Living in Brabant

By AilsaR

Splish, splash I was taking a bath

Today I went to Bath and ended up getting soaked, which seemed appropriate but I could have done without the rain. And the wind. And being cold.

Nonetheless, I got about a lot, walked to the Royal Crescent (it was raining), the Circus (ditto), and the Fashion Museum (it was dry), and the Roman baths (wet, dry and at times steamy). The place was swarming with tourists (I know, I was one of them), and I couldn't take the 'classic' spa shot without having a row of anoraks spoiling it. So I took this unconventional, upside-down view instead.

I also went to the church where the peregrines featured in BBC Springwatch are nesting, and to my surprise they were rather active. I took a few snaps of them, but only had my compact camera with me so they're not brilliant, but a nice memory!

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