Central Wet Markets

Lovely day today, still hot and sticky though.

Physio first thing with Mel, who's leaving tomorrow for holidays and is doing an Alaskan cruise with her family, I'm so envious.

Then lunch in town with my friend Minna. We went to a Vietnamese restaurant as she's never had Vietnamese before and a couple of us suggested Nha Trang in Central. Lunch was delicious and we must go back.

Had a walk around Central and stopped at the wet markets to buy some lime, so I can make fresh lime sodas, so refreshing. It really was quite warm out there and I actually had a layer of 'glow' read sweat!!!

I then headed to see my knee doctor who said I could wean myself of all braces, yay!!!!!! I can wear summer clothes again. I'm thrilled but must be VERY careful as my knee could dislocate again. So I must also continue the hundreds of quad strengthening exercises that I do everyday.

Lastly, the second State of Origin game happened tonight and sadly New South Wales won :(. So the decider will be nail biting in three weeks time.

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