Church Entrance Helmershausen

Somewhere in June there is this itching feeling in the morning. If we want to go for a swim or bath in a river, lets do it now! The sky is blue. No wind to feel. The sunlight is already bright. I can remember my first bath in the Weser river last year, far beyond South Window. A hot day in the first half of June. But this morning we would go to the small Diemel river. A quick flowing stream, bringing cold waters from the Sauerländer Uplands. So we waited until the sun started to bring a friendly warmth.

And it was a cold baptise with only a few rounds. But you can feel the refreshing effect still now while darkness is falling. Mischa - in spite of her daring sea swimming experience - would not repeat her dive as an easy starting point in the coming mornings, she said. And who am I? This Frail Old man should beware himself of Hubris in all respects. But let us wait and - who knows? - the weather can change. There seems rain to come, which would be a fine thing to happen. It has been too dry for the weeks that past.

On my way back home I took some time to walk around the Mediaeval Cloister ruins in Helmershausen, that neighbouring town where you can bath in the river. The adjacent Townchurch has a Flowering Rose Portico as Entrance. Graciously as you can see. refreshed, with an elevated soul, I returned and prepared the terrace for the tired and hungry to arrive soon.

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