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Wheatsheaf Away - The F Word!

Our furtherest away away game of the season.

The Wheatsheaf is a wonderful pub situated at the top of the Usk/ Newport Valley in the village of Llanhennock. On a gloriously sunny evening, like tonight, there really is no where better in the league to play. The views are stunning.

Unfortunately it is also a very long way to go to get fannied! I think I have mentioned in these blogs before the nature of being fannied in petanque. It basically means losing 13-0 in a game, the origins are from a pub in France where a barmaid offered to allow anyone who lost without scoring a point a kiss on the cheek. When the local mayor did so, he went to collect his prize, and she promptly lifted her skirt and offered her cheek!

We started well in the first game. In fact it is safe to say we peaked too soon! We won the first end with a four. We dropped a two and then picked up a one. That was the last score we got for the rest of the two games! We lost 13-5 and 13-0 .. and to be honest the second scoreline flattered us! It was like playing marbles down hill on glass the piste was so quick!

It was a bit disappointing, but the team we lost too are way ahead in our division, so I suspect we are not the first team that has met that fate there this season! I suspect we won't be the last.

I have put the photo I almost used as an extra photo but I had to go for the arty farty one for the blip!

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