The More I Change...

By Phitzy

Friday Night - Daytona

A portable Victrola combined with the ENTIRE Glenn Miller collection...

I've had this for a couple of months and when it was given to me, I immediately loaded this into my car and took it over to Mom and Dad's. My father (soon to be 85 years old) was a trumpet player, dentures have robbed him of that pleasure. He played with some of the giants of jazz: Tommy Dorsey during WWII, Count Basie, Sinatra...the list could go on.

He and I had a couple of bourbons and I listened while he got misty eyed remembering his Victrolas..."I have to buy a new one every couple of months...I'd break the God damned spring because I wanted to three plays out of it." Every couple of records, I'd wind it, change the needle and start listening to what Dad listened to...what he danced to, the songs he remembered as if it were yesterday.

That was a great afternoon...

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