Return to the North

By Viking

Yum yum apples

Teejay and I headed out after a rather chilly day (or part day in my case) at work (reports due monday!!!) As we came out of work we looked up the Matakitaki valley and saw a snowy mountain so thought might make a blip. By the time I went home to get my camera and we had driven to the town limits the snow was covered in cloud.
Not to be deterred we headed up the valley anyway, stopping off at a colleagues place to drop something off. We checked on the piglets (blipped previously) and as we did so we a dozen+ wax eyes all nibbling away at the pile of apples set aside for the pigs. I took about 150 shots and am sure TeeJay took nearly as many. Alas we have both blipped waxes but quite different shots I think.

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