The Street Stromness.

This is part of The Street through the centre of Stromness.
To see it this empty, I had to propel myself out of bed early before the pedestrians and cars were vying for space to pass.

For me, it epitomises the atmosphere of the town, this winding paved street which allows the passage of vehicles up to the size of lorries, and pedestrians of any size.

People and drivers using The Street are experts in patience. Vans delivering to shops can cause traffic jams, but there is no apparent annoyance, while a campervan and a car passing causes an intake of breath at the tiny clearances involved.

Yesterday with the rain, low cloud and wind still hampering our outdoor activities, we drove down through the Churchill barriers to explore South Ronaldsay with a visit to St Margaret's Hope and the Tapestry gallery at Hoxa before having a late lunch at the Fossil centre.

A visit to Kirkwall is in the diary for today.

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