By don376

35 miles (56 kms) round trip!

Now in training for the forthcoming Color Run at the Etihad Stadium, Manchester on Sunday 5th July.  It is just a 5K and the emphasis is on becoming completely covered in colour rather than achieving an amazing time!  Nevertheless we need to get fit to do it and what finer way than a leisurely 35 mile round trip bike ride on the Trans Pennine Trail (TPT) to the Ferry Inn in Penketh.  Now renamed as the Ferry Tavern (some old photos here) by the new owners it is known by everyone around as the site of the ancient Fiddler's Ferry. If you can zoom in on the information shot you will get a good insight into the history.  About 1 mile away from the Tavern you can see the massive cooling towers of the Fiddlers Ferry Power Station which is built just behind the Tavern (but you can't see it from the Tavern thank goodness).  Also we ride alongside the St Helens Canal where I managed to get a good shot of the swans - mum with the brood of 7 and dad standing guard...

Ps - the stretch of water is actually the River Mersey at its narrowest point between Cheshire and Lancashire - it's amazing to see what this "stream" becomes just a few miles away.

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