New day - new beginnings

By gudnypalina

At lake Mývatn

Yesterday Hjörtur and Guðbjörg drove back to Reykjavík, and today the rest of our guests also left. Hrefna, Egil and Erik took a flight to Reykjavík (will be flying to Copenhagen tomorrow), Freyja drove to Keflavík, and I drove Andri back to his workplace in Mývatnssveit. I decided to make a little tour out of it, and went swimming in the local pool, before having lunch at Vogafjós. This photo is taken by the lake, just below Hótel Reykjahlíð. The weather was beautiful most of the time (the sun was "on and off") and I had a nice and quiet "me-time". It was strange returning back home to an almost empty house (just our "usual three"), and now even the cat is also gone ... But I'll get used to it.

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