RSD Photo's Mexican Life

By rsdphotography


The boyfriend of our Patzcuaro friend's daughter is a bullfighter in training, a novillero. He is actually the best young bullfighter in all of Mexico and tonight he was competing against the best young bullfighter from Spain in Morelia. We decided a four hour drive was a small price to pay to see such a spectacle. In all my years of visiting Mexico I have never been to a bullfight, so I was especially excited to view, and photograph, one before they are banned as barbaric. Our friend got us second row seats from which I could shoot away. More than four hundred images later (you never know when/if you will see another bullfight), I show this one of Antonio in a classic pose near the end of the final third. He unfortunately lost to the Spanish champion, but unlike the bulls will live to fight another day.

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