Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


Felt like I had the first "normal" day of Ramadan today, i.e. I came straight home from work! G picked me up as she had been to school to say her farewells to all the teachers she's worked with this year. She got a really big welcome too!

Ventured over to Dubai Mall after a short rest; a netbook is malfunctioning big time. It shows a blue screen with the word "Restarting". It's been saying that for two days!! Got to the counter at the store where it was purchased to find it was within 3 days of its warranty expiring. YAY! I say! So pleased I didn't delay taking it in.

And while there, we had dinner at CPK only to walk across to Eataly for dessert (see extra picture). As I was doing that, I went past this very upmarket chocolaterie. The thing that really caught my eye is their lighting which is made up of Swarovski crystals. So intricate and effective. I'm amazed I've been able to capture it as the eye sees it, but it's got to be seen for real to fully appreciate it.

Dessert was the tiramisu made with dates... NOT  Nutella! :D

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