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By kendallishere

Dogs and their people

I have blipped our friend Sarah, who is also a photographer, before. But here she is with her Familiar, Buster, on their back patio.

Sarah, her partner Shirlee, and another friend gathered to feed us on Tuesday night and to hear stories of our trip to the UK. Not surprisingly, we spent more time talking about people than about places. They expect stories of Stonehenge and St. David’s or London and Staithes, but what they get is Ceridwen, Maria, Marj, Sara, Jac, Annie, Ann, Caroline, Veronica, Claire, Rachel, Mark, Jason, Dan, Naomi, Emma, Carole.... All we can talk about is the people we met, our voices spilling over each other with stories of delights, till our listeners start getting our stories mixed up and we dissolve in laughter. What a feast of humanity we met in the UK. What riches you are to us. How grateful we are, beyond measure.

After listening to us rave about Blip and the community that makes it breathe and laugh, Shirlee and Sarah decided to open an account. They haven’t posted yet, but their plan is for Sarah to take pictures and Shirlee to write texts. When it happens, I’ll let you know.

Many thanks to all who left comments, stars, and hearts for my 1000th. I wanted to respond to each one but must return to packing boxes and so I will just say now, thank you. I have read each comment and noted each gift with affection and pleasure. My cup overflows.

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