Photographic Poeticisms

By TerryRhiannyr

A Bit of Bull

I'm the big bad bull you know
A rock-hard, angry so-n-so
I'm sitting here staring around
Telling my girls all's safe and sound
Watching you with that pointy thing
When you fire, will it sting
I know full well that my hide is thick
And that it's only a little prick
But whenever I've had one before
I'm off and out and beginning to snore
Then my girls all giggle and moo
Most undignified, embarrassing too
For you see I have poise to maintain
I'm suppoosed to treat all with disdain
Apart from when you wave something red
When, well, err, it's best left unsaid
So if you're going point that and shoot
Please tell my girls all to scoot
And leave my dignity for a time intact
Oh, it's a camera, is that a fact
So it's just photo you're going to take
Ah well, sorry, that's my mistake
At least I get to keep my pride
Now, do you think this is my best side?

Terry Rhiannyr
June, 2012

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