The Life Of Ponty Cyclops

By pontycyclops

Female Emperor Dragonfly Egg Laying & Passenger!

Every so often you take a photo that just makes you stop and go wow!

It is even more special when it's a wildlife one, because the moment is so fleeting.

We went down to Cosmeston Lakes this afternoon for a picnic as the weather was so nice. We had popped up the butchers for for some pork stuffing roll for our sarnies (with apple sauce), and two rump steaks for tea tonight (they are still to come at the time of this blip!).

It was fairly busy down there, but not mobbed. We had a nice walk around the lake and managed to find an empty bench to sit on. It was a lovely relaxing way to spend lunch. I had thrown the Sony in as I was taking the backpack anyway for the packed lunch. I am so glad I did now.

Cosmeston is simply one of the best places to go to photograph Dragonflies in South Wales. It is still a little bit early for most of them right now, but we are right on the cusp of the emergence of most of the species. The next couple of months is all about these ultimate insect predators. They really are like mini raptors, only insects are their prey rather than other birds!

We wandered past a pond which had a load of Emperor Dragonflies buzzing around. I noticed the female was egg laying on the lily pads. So after getting a few shots standing up I got down on my belly on the broad walk and started to trying to get some at water level. I noticed that there we Blue Damselflies buzzing around where the Emperors were landing, I was just shooting away and hoping they I timed one of them well enough! And here it is .. rather pleased with it! It will probably be the best wildlife photo I will take this year I suspect!

A cracking day, followed by a swift one at the Dynevor Arms and now s steak tea and Glastonbury. Happy days!

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