Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Breaker's Yards

Well, what can I say? I haven't blipped yesterday yet as it was a completely full on day, but today, I had a bit of a lie in and then by 10:30, we were ready to go out again, this time, to see a man about a second hand gearbox. It was not in this breaker's yard I hasten to add. This is a place I called into as I remembered the name of the business when I did my Google search on Thursday night.

It was awful. I can't explain how bad. It seems that cars/parts arrive and just get put wherever any space can be found. I had to walk through the whole yard before I reached the office. This company quote a much lower price but there was no way I would recommend to G to go with them. A man appeared holding what looked like a fan and the owner quoted such a high price for it - it was ridiculous. It made me wonder about my poor dad trawling through these places looking for parts for my Volvo.

We then called in at IKEA where I took the kitchen trolley I gave up on last night. They fitted two screws for me in minutes. I'm SO glad I didn't persevere with that.

And the evening was spent setting up the new tv and putting the old one in Gs room. An exercise that meant lots of other things got moved, cleared, cleaned... you get the idea... TV finally done by 7:30, just in time to eat dinner and then watch a movie on it.... It's good but not sure if I really like it!!!!

I have tried to catch up with a few comments tonight. Hope your weekend has started well. :)

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