Just playing around.

Dear Diary,

One of the things I've learned from my pond project, The Poetry of Place, is that it is alright to just have fun with your camera.  The creative expression possible with the file processing is just amazing. I thought I would have a bit of fun on this grey, rainy day.

I picked up these glasses at our transfer station, where we bring our trash and recycling.  Sometimes people will leave perfectly good items so I was lucky to snare these dessert glasses.  After I washed them and they were sitting on the kitchen counter I noticed all the reflections and areas of light and shadow so I photographed them.

That, of course, would have made for a decent image but I said, "Let's push this to the extreme!"  Well, this is a bit extreme for me anyway.  I love the lines and colors...a little Andy Warhol looking to me but it seemed perfect to brighten up the day!

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