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Pre- Mono Monday: Line

Here is your pre- Mono Monday heads up: the theme this week is Line, and the tag is mm74.

This will be my last week as host of Mono Monday - I have no idea who's due to take over from me, but if that person would like to cough politely and raise their hand I'll point the world in their direction before next week.

This is a Southern white-faced owl, photographed in Stratford-upon-Avon this morning. Not very liney, did you say? Possibly not, but I don't get to photograph owls every day so there was no way I wasn't going to blip it!

OK then - the extra is a view up the side face of the HSBC building in Stratford - some nice Arts & Crafts detailing I thought, as well as some strong lines.

Both shots beaten to death processed in Topaz B&W.

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