Learning day by day

By EmmaF

Results day - more than one type of result

Wow what a day. First I hear that Carys was amazing in her latest ballet exam. She was marked as 89%, one mark away from an outstanding distinction and the highest mark for a Grade 2 exam her teacher has had. So proud of my baby ballerina, she was super pleased initially and then after about 10mins of bounce came the inevitable question: "What did I not do well enough to get that one mark that would have made it an outstanding distinction?". That ponderance didn't last too long though thankfully and she went back to being very happy with the result.

Both children came out of school with end of year reports. I am one very happy Mama. They have both done so well this year.

Will has taken to school in a way that I would never have predicted. He has exceeded everything that is expected at foundation level and knows what school is for. He has always loved maths but is now doing so well in his spelling that he has nearly completed the Year 2 words. I am honestly gob smacked at what this boy has achieved this year. I always knew he had it in him but I did worry that he wasn't mature enough to deal with the rigours of WR.

Carys has blossomed in Class 3 and her confidence has grown in all areas. Her report was lovely to read, as it always is, but somehow this year she seems to have really found her self-belief. This is when I know that the vertical streaming at school works, because being a year 3 & nearer the top in Class 3, where the top 8 from her year are in a 3/4 class, has made all the difference to her confidence and equipped her well for the challenge of being a Yr4 in a 4/5 class.

Last result of the day was that I had organised a night out which started in the Hermitage for a cheeky cocktail followed by a delicious Thai meal at Sukawatee. Result!

(I felt like Dumbledore on the way home as the streetlights kept going out as I walked under them. Very odd sensation. Yes it was the turn of midnight and yes the milkman had delivered the milk when I got home!)

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