By hjarald

A Cosmic Desire

A Cosmic Desire (2005) is the title of this scupture made by Luk van Soom and is a part of the 'Vormidable' exhibition in various museums and locations.
At first glance this strong man appears to be lifting weights, but the streched pose is rather that of  a gymnast hanging on the horizontal bar. 
His left foot is making an upward movement and the grip of his left hand is quite loose.
Does he yearn for a liberating weightlessness that will bring him closer to the cosmos? His face, filled with desire, is looking upward.
Characteristic of van Soom's work are the undulating lines on the body. He calls this curling form the shape of infinity.
ps. I copied this translation from the tablet accompanying this sculpture at the Town Hall of Wassenaar, so don't blame me ;)

ps2. There is another sculpture of the same artist called 'Frozen Wave' made in 2012 to be seen at the Lange Voorhout in the Hague.   

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