Shh, it's Sunday

Down on the cliffs the gull chicks are growing apace. These three are clearly a lot more mature than the two I blipped a fortnight ago.. They have lost most of their fluff and their juvenile plumage has kicked in. 

They seemed restless and no doubt hungry but careful to remain strictly within the confines of their nest ledge. Trespassing can be fatal for a young gull: neighbours don't take kindly to intruders and  may attack and devour accidental visitors. In fact cannibalism  is not at all uncommon among these rapacious scavengers. A Dutch researcher recently noticed that Sunday is an especially dangerous day for chicks: The incidence of cannibalism actually rose  among some species of gull. This turned out to be because the adults had become accustomed to feeding on the by-catch and scraps that was thrown overboard from fishing vessels through the week. On Sunday the trawlers didn't put to sea and the gulls resorted to raiding the nurseries. 
Read about it here.

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